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I am running out of words in happiness becuase most of them from India are flocking towards as a sign of protest against the bird site.

Welcome to fediverse you all. Damn we have been waiting for you people so so long. Events after events we people from Free Software Movement of India were giving lecture and demo about decentralized web, peer to peer, etc and all it took was one move by Twitter. Thanks Twitter.

Fediverse is a open garden. Find your place. Go explore. Also beware there are dark places too where anti social elements like fascists and pro hindutuva breeds. I don't want to mention the name of that instance and give an unwanted attention to them. But beware and you can mute their posts if you don't want to hear them.

@prashere That was insightful. Was always aware of these alternatives at one level. But I feel the language of the communications are generally very inaccessible to non-tech junta. That is at least my reason to hardly ever get into the githubby world etc blobcatcoffee


fascists and pro hindutuva breeds. I don't want to mention the name of that instance and give an unwanted attention to them. But beware and you can mute their posts if you don't want to hear them.

Yes new joiners must not think its a dream boat. Thanks for remaining at the right time.

@Cosmobird @prashere nobody migrating to toots imagines Fascism will go away if we do so. We are migrating because the birdsite system enable, nay, fosters Fascism. Thanks for the welcome. birdsite

@prashere Absolutely! We are here for the cause. Free speech and voices that matters. Appreciate all those who are involved in making it a success. I just have one concern, how will y'all deal with hate accounts? Birdsite didn't care much. Days happened, months passed, yet they thrive. Would like to know about some serious steps that will be taken to control such propaganda/hate pelters. Do share with us.


What exactly is an instance?

Can you please do a small conceptual note on the basics of mastodon, especially it's differences from the ?

@prashere I would like to get on the events mailing list for the free software movement in India. Please help.

@BhavanaVarun Here it is managed by relatively small communities. Here @stux can ban the accounts.

@BhavanaVarun Here it is managed by relatively small communities. @stux can ban the accounts in your mastadon instance


Thanks! :)

We thought Twitter is a sensible place with no strings attached to our senaible thought process.

But, it is increasingly, fascist friendly.

So, we are here, because we need the conversation going.
Hope we will have a good time here.

@prashere thanks for the welcome note. I suggest you should name 'that' instance or drop a hint. Else how we will be knowing those dark places and fascists existence!

That's good to know. Hope, the same efficiency remains when we have more no. of users. I know you guys are innovative and will deal with whichever problem, comes the way. At the end of the day, what happened on birdsite, the humiliation, shadow ban, restrictions, banning all the dissent voices, shouldn't happen here. This is what we hope. More power to all. @tachyons @stux

@BhavanaVarun @stux One of the good part of federation is that if you feel current admin is not fair or efficient, You can move to another community instance within mastadon.

Quite liberating! How will it be done? Procedure?

@tachyons @stux

@prashere is there an instance people are mostly moving too? I saw there was an article someone posted about a politician mentioning mastodon as an alternative but do you know where the main source of folks learning about it in India is?

yeah, a senior supreme court lawyer was banned from Twitter for having a anti-Nazi cover picture and sharing a poem against fascism. This had led to the protest against this Fascist tendency and people are discovering Mastodon and the goto instances are mastodon.social and mstdn.social for them. We are also trying to promote fsmi.social which is a pleroma instance hosted by Free Software Movement of India.

Mostly they are learning about Mastodon from Twitter :-)

@prashere are there people going around and inviting them to Indian instances?

@prashere thanks Prasanna .... We needed alternative but were not sure what was it.... You provided one.

yeah. @Memeghnad @logic @naukarshah and others are inviting people from Twitter to move here.

@prashere @Memeghnad @naukarshah @liaizon

Context - https://theprint.in/india/sanjay-hegde-can-return-to-twitter-if-he-deletes-objectionable-post-but-he-wont/313911/ - There have been silencing of people who are critical of establishment and Twitter has been acting partisan. Many accounts blocked. Response has been this migration.

Nope. I did not provide any alternative but I was one among the free software and digital privacy advocating people constantly speaking out and demonstrating alternative mediums that are built and run by everday people like you and me. So yeah welcome to Fediverse today.

@prashere OK... Thanks to Fediverse

@prashere well here we are!!!

"If you don’t believe in free speech for people who you hate, fear and disagree with, then you don’t believe in free speech."
— @rickygervais (Ricky Gervais)

I believe it is neither beneficial to our society nor to our individual freedom to demand or exercise central oversight in exchange for short-term superficial unity.

@tachyons @BhavanaVarun @stux
Can you suggest any mastadon ios app other than Tootdon

Both, if you can list here. Android/iOS

@stux @Lookiey_Loo @tachyons

@BhavanaVarun You can find all apps for Mastodon on this page: https://joinmastodon.org/apps

@prashere welcome’s to you too. I just left Twitter and started using mastodon just a few hours ago. I’m very curious about this discovery.

@prashere @puffinus_puffinus
That's good to hear. I remember when I first joined mastodon and used the public timeline, I wondered where all the Indians were hiding.
I can't read punjabi, but I'm canadian - I expect to encounter some every day or the world doesn't feel right.

@prashere what did twitter do in india? something to do with kashmir?


Hi and welcome here.

The Fediverse (of which Mastodon is a part of) is decentralized, like e-mail: anyone with a gmail account can write to anyone with an india.com account (I'm not familiar with what email servers are used in India, sorry), or a yahoo account, or any mail account actually.
Anyone can even host one's own mail server and then he'll be able to write to any other mail account.
It's the same with the Fediverse: I am on Miaou.drycat.fr and you are on mstdn.social but we can still write to each other and see each other messages: it's called "federating".
Federating is a choice; many instances chose not to federate to the nazi/alt-right instance named "gab", for example. But your instance federates with mine; if it didn't there is not way we could see each other's messages.

@prashere The is pretty freaking huge.

@prashere Thanks. Your warm welcome is most welcome, as is your warning about the dark spaces. Of course, they will exist. But we should be prepared to deal with them.

@prashere Thank you.

@prashere thanks for the update. This unbiased platform will need continuous contributions from aware netizens with social concern.Keep up the good work.

@BhavanaVarun To exercise your right of not listening to some people, you have 3 options:

1. Block the user.
2. Block the whole instance of a user (i.e. everyone with the same domain name).
3. Ask your instance admin to block a whole instance for all users of your instance.

If you're on the same instance as that other user:
1. Block the user.
2. Ask your admin to suspend/delete that user.
3. Move to a friendlier instance, continue as above.

Apart from that: Welcome to the fediverse!

@prashere Thanks. This is a useful post. I am new to this, still figuring it out.

@prashere oh u r from Puducherry

Better late than never..happy to find garden of eden

@Lookiey_Loo @tachyons @BhavanaVarun @stux I just started on Tusky. As a total newbie with all of 5 minutes on the app, I can say it looks OK. Rest is your call. 😁

@jvivekanand @tachyons @BhavanaVarun @stux I think Tusksy is an Android app,where as I’m looking for a good iOS app.

@prashere Removing Sanjay Hegde was the last straw for a lot of people, I think.

@anathem Thank you! This will be helpful. I'll share. Keep sharing insights with us.

@prashere If you're ranting, at least learn to spell things right. It's "Hindutva" and not "hindutuva".

Anyway, early days. If this platform takes off, all those fascism supporters (of a democratically elected government at centre twice, and in various states) will flock here too... 😎

@prashere Hi Prasanna, Im new here. Do we befriend people, follow people, how do we choose we interact with those whom we follow and not with everyone

Local Timeline, Federated Timelines are the places to discover contents. Also search for a particular hashtag and discover content. With content you get people. Follow them if you find their content is interesting. Similarly people will discover you as well. Followers/Following pattern works same as Twitter. Boost or retoot contents which you find interesting as well so it would reach your followers as well

@prashere Thank you Sirs

@prashere hey
I’m a Twitter user and I got to know about this new platform from there.
I’m Using this since morning and its pretty cool.
It would be highly appreciated if you can boost my posts so that we can help each other.
I would love to interact more and grow here.

@Megha1998 @prashere Welcome to new era of free and decentralized social media. blobcat

@stux @jvivekanand @tachyons @BhavanaVarun
Testing Mast , seems to be as good as a birdsite app.I think I will stick with this one.

@Lookiey_Loo @stux @jvivekanand @tachyons Very well. Hope, it works!

@stux @jvivekanand @tachyons @BhavanaVarun
Testing Mast , seems to be as good as a birdsite app.I think I will stick with this one.