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A tech. giant like Facebook behaves one way in Europe and behaves the other way in rest of the world, because Europe has #GDPR while a country like #India doesn’t have such legal frameworks to penalize the violators or protect the users.

First thing, we should demand in #India is to take up the Personal Data Protection Act for discussion in both the parliament houses and pass it. (In my personal opinion, this activity must also take place in state level legislative assemblies too, for it to be effective and inclusive).

Having the Personal Data Protection Bill is one thing and enforcing it actively is another thing. If the regulators failed to keep the violators in check, the presence of the bill is of no use. We should hold the public offices to be accountable.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Privacy #GDPR #PDPA


@prashere The PDP in its currently reduced form is toothless and completely useless against whatever WhatsApp/Facebook is doing now. Even in its presence, there would be no change in the Delhi HC judgement - “Use it if you want”, “It is a private app” etc. We do need a strong data protection law. PDP just does not cut it.